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11 advances in technology that weren't around in 2000

By Louise on January 05, 2017

To celebrate National Technology Day we wanted to take a look at how far technology has come on in the past sixteen years. Sometimes it's easy to forget how far technology has come along, as we now take it for granted as part of our day-to-day modern lifestyles. Here are some of the most important technological advances that weren't available before the year 2000 - many we now rely on every single day!
2000: Bluetooth - although created in 1999, it only became an integrated feature on mobile phones in the year 2000.
2001: iPod - Apple released its version of the mp3 player in 2001.
2002: Mozilla Firefox - The first web browser to really challenge Microsofts Internet explorer, Firefox was released in 2002.
2003: Skype - Transforming the way people communicate across countries and continents, Skype launched in 2003.
2004: Facebook - Can you believe we've been 'liking' statuses since 2004? Over a decade of oversharing on social media.
2005: Youtube - Now the most popular video-sharing website, Youtube's success is in it's simple ability to allow anyone to broadcast themselves online for free.
2006: Wii - Revolutionising the traditional stationary video games, the Wii encouraged it's users to get active whilst gaming.
2007: Apple iPhone - It's hard to remember a time before the iPhone! The first touch-screen smartphone to gain appeal in the mass market, Apple have since gone on to sell over 900 million iPhones globally.
2008: 4G - The international telecommunications union introduced a faster mobile broadband and set requirements for fourth generation standards, with a much higher data capacity allowing gaming and HD tv streaming.
2010: iPad - Following on from the success of the iPhone, and tapping into the markets' desire to be able to watch more video content and imagery on the go, Apple released the iPad.
2012: Google's Driverless Car - Google are yet to officially launch the driverless car, but they began testing the vehicles in 2012 and aim to roll them out this year.