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Our top tips to building customer loyalty on social media

By Sharn Swaby on July 11, 2017

Are you already using social media to advertise your company? We bet you didn't know that social media can also help with customer loyalty! It is important for successful businesses to use social media to increase loyalty, as its a way of communicating with the customers directly. 

You should consider using a range of social media sites; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For example Instagram can be used to regularly post photos of products and 'sneak peaks' of new products.

In todays society it is important to take advantage of the new platforms to expand and boost business growth. Social media is an effective platform for promoting products online as it can strengthen the important aspects of customer loyalty.

A 2016 report for ICLP revealed that 97% of Australian consumers would cheat on their favourite retailers, meaning that consumers are less committed with brands. Meaning high brand loyalty is essential.

How to effectively increase your brand loyalty? 

  • Listen and interact with your audience
  • Develop engagement plan
  • Engage with your most active advocates
  • Offer benefits and rewards
  • Re- share the best content
  • Provide a 'sneak peak' inside your company

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