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An April Fools guide to pranking your boss

By Duncan Hewitt on March 31, 2016

April Fool’s Day is nearly upon us and now is the time to scratch that prank itch. Here’s a guide to pranking your boss.

**Small print: Digital Reflow will not be held responsible for any repercussions from the below pranks.** 


A fantastic way to sink £200 on printer ink and toner! A total classic. More often than not the boss is an egomaniac, that’s what gets them to the top of the food chain. They like nothing better than to look at their accounts and their face. If you think about it, you’re doing them a favour. 


This one is difficult for us as the boss has more technical knowledge than the rest of the team put together. Still, hilarious, comedy gold and genius are all words associated with this prank, especially if el capitan is not the most tech-savvy. Sit back and watch as they sit with their head at a 90 degree angle whilst googling how to change it back to normal. 


Does the office employ a cleaner? Does said cleaner have a powerful hoover? Does said cleaner have hours upon end to kill clearing up glitter? If the answer is yes, glitter bomb that boss! Easiest way to do it is just fill up all their pen lids with glitter and hey presto, instant disco. The more creative way is to send them a letter full to the brim with a glittery surprise, not entirely environmentally friendly though, sorry planet. 


This one is our favourite. Buy a cheap keyboard and plant cress seeds in it, then wait one week until they’ve sprouted before swapping it with your boss’s regular keyboard. Keyboard: £5, Cress seeds: £1, giving your boss the gift of a desk garden: Priceless. 


Alternatively, if you are on a bit of a power trip and would like to prank the poor unsuspecting intern then consider sending them out for some tartan paint or getting them to go ask another department for a long wait. Instant classics, instant success.