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Case Study | Phelan Construction Limited

By Duncan Hewitt on June 01, 2015

Phelan Construction is an established construction company with 28 years experience in the business. So how do you improve the un-improvable? You don’t. You can only add a little shine and sparkle to that shop window. 

The Phelan’s team felt their website had become outdated, both in terms of the content they were showcasing and the way they were showcasing it. 

Phelan’s biggest selling point is its highly impressive project portfolio. One which spans from local schools to high roller casinos. So we started there….. Modern, user friendly and image driven was our three-pronged strategy of attack. Creating two clear divisions on the landing page was key. This added clarity from the outset and allows the users to find the relevant division with just one click of a button. Separating the two areas of Phelan’s work was the most challenging element of this project but ultimately defines Digital Reflows’ involvement. Next, we set about wowing the visitor. Phelan Construction pride themselves on their innovative transformations.

The people need to see it, to believe it. Striking imagery sets the tone and allows the audience to instantly gain an overview of how Phelan meets the customers’ requirements.
The website is fully responsive and built mobile first to improve performance for clients viewing via a mobile network. This means the website would look the same on a mobile or tablet device, as a traditional desktop monitor. Less maintenance and fits every screen size and specification. 

What more could you want? We built a completely custom admin interface which allows Phelan’s marketing team to update and create custom projects as well as keeping clients up to date with their latest news. We provided clear and easily navigated links to their services and portfolio in order for potential customers and clients to tap into Phelan’s network of information, expertise and demonstrable capabilities which they have been passing down to the people for just under three decades.