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By Duncan Hewitt on April 06, 2016

It is funny how business works, how one client can snowball into 5,6 and 7. Phelan Construction Ltd have been our client since the founding of Digital Reflow in 2013 and as our team and services have grown so have our trade and construction clientele. Last month alone we undertook work for electricians, painters and tilers. So, why is it the trade and construction industry are so desperate for web design and development services? **Standing out from the crowd** The market is highly competitive. Standing out from the crowd has never been more important. Showcasing services in the correct way can be the difference between landing a contract or not and the best way to showcase them is online and on point. With more and more customers and consumers looking up building services on their mobile, a responsive website with the ability to scale itself to a number of differing devices is imperative. **Trade is visual** The construction industry lends itself nicely to web design and development because both sectors often intertwine. How can we make this look sharper? How can this function better? Some of our work recently, especially with tilers and painters, can produce some quite stunning imagery which draws the user in and makes the tradesman’s services more desirable. **Once you catch a big fish**  Phelan Construction Ltd is a multi-million pound nationwide company and the services we provide them are appropriate to their budgets. This doesn’t mean our services are out of reach to smaller businesses and individual tradesman just starting up. We will work with the client to find a suitable and pertinent piece of work, tailor-made to growing their business. Are you in the construction industry or just mastering you trade? We could have the right website for you. Visit our services page.