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Could your business benefit from a blog?

By Duncan Hewitt on February 29, 2016

Among writers ‘blogging’ has become a dirty word. Bloggers are perceived to be ill-educated, keyboard warriors, whose opinions are forced upon us rather than selected. At Digital Reflow we are a little more open-minded and our Essex based blogging team also write for national newspapers and websites. 

Blogs are wonderful tools to update your regular followers, consumers and customers. Show the world you are proactive and professional. Writing current and newsworthy blogs are also a great way to answer common questions which are arising across the web every second.

Digital Reflow always get enquires from potential clients about getting to the top of Google. We provide a full and all-encompassing SEO service. Our SEO team would always recommend implementing a blog. They provide fresh, keyword-rich content and if you include cross-links and cross-pollinated copy you will shoot up those Google rankings. Blogging can be an important tool when it comes to showcasing your team’s talents and adding a human aspect to your business.

People like dealing with people and the comments section of a blog can be a brilliant place to engage with your customers and remove the faceless aspect from your company. Being part of a successful business you will be well versed in what improves your company and what negatively impacts it. Knowing that you can always learn and improve your knowledge is vital to growth. Writing regular blogs helps you evaluate your own thoughts and learnings. Listen to them. How can you expect others to listen to you if you don’t listen to yourself. Be social.

One of the many unanswered questions of this proliferating digital age is what makes good social media content? Blogs are perfect content for your channels.

They are on brand, original and thought-provoking. As a business in the blogging game we know it requires time and commitment. We have a devoted team of bloggers who can produce and distribute this type of content for you. They have even taken time out to write this blog, so we must let them get back to it. If you need help with blogs contact us here.