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How much does a website cost?

By Duncan Hewitt on June 14, 2016

Potential clients are constantly asking us ‘How much does a website cost?’. A simple question, yes, but one that doesn’t have a simple answer. 

Websites can range from hundreds of pounds to tens of thousands, making web design and development one of the more confusing markets to understand. Naturally, however, you get what you pay for. The question is how do the unknowing and uninitiated know what they are getting for their money? The difference in price does not particularly change the end result. 

All Digital Reflow clients will be delivered a fully functional, mobile-first website whatever the budget. As we dig a little deeper, though, it becomes apparent that along the huge differences in price comes different end results. More often than not, the lower-priced websites can often be described as a product. Most likely the design will be template-based, mass-produced and not specifically designed for your audience or company’s aims. Another reason for lower price points will be that the work has been outsourced to a company abroad. 

We are not suggesting good web design work doesn’t happen abroad but the project will have less accountability and contact hours. The higher up the cost ladder you climb the more bespoke and tailored a service you receive. 

The work will not be done by a freelancer, rather an agency, who will devote man-hours and project mangers specifically to your business. With agencies, such as Digital Reflow, you are paying for expertise across the board in marketing, design and also development. This diversity of expertise in a project team is difficult to replicate in a single person or cheap agency and means that you’ll be delivered a superior website that has been considered from all angles. 

Yes, choosing a fully equipped agency will cost more in the short term but you are also protecting your investment for the future with greater stability in your chosen field. The answer to ‘How much does a website cost?’ is not readily available because it is the wrong question. 

The right question is ‘How much do you want to spend?’. You can buy a website at virtually any budget, but the value of what you get will wholly depend on what you’re willing to pay.