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Our approach with agile

By Duncan Hewitt on January 04, 2016

Ever heard the phrase; ‘Success is a marathon, not a sprint”? Well in our case it is completely the opposite. **Agile** is a methodology Digital Reflow has adopted in order to deliver projects, most notably our website design and development projects. 

The summary of working under the premise of agile is to never set out every part of the project in stone. It is logical to think that when you embark upon a project you usually don’t have enough knowledge or information to deliver the entirety of the work. Agile is more about setting off in the general direction of ultimate **delivery** without pinpointing the end of the project. In an agile process, the idea is to break up the project into bite-size sub-projects, called ‘sprints’. **Sprints** compromise of short, sharp, prioritised to-do lists often lasting for one or two weeks. 

This is effectively your **backlog** of work which needs constant attention and **grooming** before delivering the finished article. Before these sprints can start, Digital Reflow will hold team meetings and extensively discuss the vision for the project, the team members who will be involved in undertaking the work and then presenting this package to the client. Once is all said and done the project team will review all the work with the client and **retrospectively** discuss what worked well and what didn’t. It may sound like a never-ending process and that is because it is. 

It is very symbolic of a proliferating digital age where nothing is ever complete even when it is *launched*. Working as an agile agency provides Digital Reflow with the opportunity to assess the direction of the project in question through the **development cycle**. There will be bumps and scrapes along the way but at least we will know about them in real-time which allows us to rectify issues as we go.