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Are you missing out on the latest way your business can sell?

By Charnelle Gardiner

[Social commerce has fast become a solid practise for businesses globally. Sales via the smart phone is the next big thing! Smaller businesses need to get in on the action and use social media to drive sales!]

You may have adopted social media for your business and started your journey into social media marketing?

You may be well on your way to creating a following and brand awareness on Facebook and Instagram?


 …. But have you heard of social commerce?

What would you say if we told you that your social media marketing efforts could transcend into real time sales?

You’d be interested right!?

This new area of creating potential sales is a very new dynamic for businesses, and it is something smaller businesses should definitely be jumping on!

So what is Social Commerce?

In simple terms, social commerce is sales made via social media.

We aren't breaking mind-blowing news when we say that people are glued to their mobiles. The mobile is taking over guys; and consumers spend on average 2 hours a day scrolling through their social media platforms.

It was inevitable that social sites were going to become the new place to shop!

Brands have got clever and rather than push marketing efforts on social media, they are taking it one step further and pushing direct sales from social platforms.

Sell customers the idea and then build on this and take advantage of the impulsive nature of consumers.


Need some more convincing?

  • Over a third of Instagram users have purchased products on the mobile app. Thats a huge amount of potential customers!

  • 1 Billion Facebook users are using the app on their mobile device daily! That’s a lot of customers to reach!

  • 64 percent of people who user Pinterest check the app for their pins while in a brick and mortar store. This couldn’t be more proof that interest is a reliable source for inspiration behind purchases!

  • Nearly half of in store purchases are influenced by interactions digitally!

With statistic like this businesses really can't afford to miss out on the action!