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Biggest social media trends for 2017

By Digital Reflow on January 18, 2017

Want to be ahead of the game? Social Media is such a big part of successful businesses today. 

So here are some trends that are predicted to be floating around in 2017. Customer Service Chatbots Customer care should be at the focus of every company, and simple requests or issues should be dealt with swiftly. Therefore more businesses will now look to automate simple customer requests with chatbots. This will provide immediate information or answers to frequently asked questions.
Business Features and Analytics In 2016 lots of Social Media companies such as Instagram and Twitter, released business features and post analytics. 

Allowing more of an insight into the engagement of posts, and giving customers the ability to contact businesses through their social media profile. Data analytics give companies more of an insight into how their posts are being viewed, they show which posts are more popular, and in turn, give businesses a better understanding of their customer and their social media habits. Social Shopping Social Commerce is on the rise and isn't slowing down anytime soon. More networks are now providing easier ways to sell to customers through ways such as Instant Purchases. 

Instagram in particular now offer a feature to instantly shop posts on businesses Social Media profiles, and with 75% of purchases being made by consumers because they've seen it on Social Media, this outlet of selling is promising.