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Why is Ruby On Rails is still a good fit for the future?

By Duncan Hewitt on April 14, 2016

What is Ruby On Rails?

Ruby on Rails is the lovechild of author Yukihiro Matsumoto and David Heinemeier Hansson as both sought to create something innovative and exciting for evolving web design and development. 

What is an Application Framework?

An application framework provides a set of rules and patterns that encourage a developer to work in a specific way. Some argue Rails is too conventional and not particularly creative. This is highly inaccurate as the conventional aspects of Rails makes it easier for developers and ultimately leaving more time for designers and developers to get creative. Clients should be aware web teams change over the course of a project and the monetary and time cost of bringing a new developer up to speed can be hugely reduced by Ruby on Rails’ application framework. Since when did sharing go out of fashion? 

Who Uses Rails?

There is no shortage of companies which are using Ruby on Rails, including us! Github, Airbnb, Hulu, Square, and Shopify are some of the larger, more visible companies. So, is Rails still popular and can somebody with a new project find developers that have expertise with the framework? A quick search will, unsurprisingly, show conflicting and differing opinions, as there is no quantifiable way to determine this. 

Why we Use it?

 In short, the framework has been designed to make it easy for developers to follow certain standards, and not waste time on making decisions about how to structure an application saving time, money and manpower; three of our favourite things. The benefit to business stakeholders is that their application can be developed, deployed, and maintained by different developers. A benefit to our client is ultimately a benefit to us. Decisions have already been made for clients when it comes to their web development. To business owners this is a huge benefit in time and money; two of their favourite things. 

Ruby on Rails Forever?

Yes, there are a rising number of newer frameworks but Ruby on Rails still remains very popular and community activity is still soaring. Some would say it may not be the choice it once was, but its maturity makes it a very strong option. We’ve yet to see another framework released that has enabled us to develop scalable web applications smarter and/or faster. Happy to be proved wrong…