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Wordpress woe | Why we don't use it

By Duncan Hewitt on January 27, 2016

Digital Reflow receive a lot of enquiries from potential clients about building Wordpress websites so we thought we would write a blog to outline the exact reasons we avoid, avoid, avoid. 

You wouldn’t lock up the family jewels with a £3 padlock from the Range, so why build a Wordpress site with such inadequate security? Wordpress is clearly extremely popular with millions of websites under their banner but with millions of websites, comes great responsibility; a responsibility which Wordpress does not have the capacity to maintain. Hackers cast the widest net they can and in that net, Wordpress websites will hold the majority population. Wordpress websites are often a quick fix.

They have no lifespan. Websites are never complete and as your company and brand evolve so too should your website. With Wordpress’s constant updates and customisation of their themes your website becomes outdated the moment it goes live. Standing out from the crowd is so important in a business. You wouldn’t name your company the same as everybody else. You wouldn’t put the same items in your shop window as everyone else, so why should your website be any different.

Yes, Wordpress sites are quick, cheap and relatively easy to build but because of this they all look the SAME! The issue which irks us the most about Wordpress websites is the amount of SEO you lose out on. Without a bespoke website created for your business by your business you will be wandering around in internet obscurity with a metaphorical ball and chain strapped to your ankle. Ok, we lied. The issue which irks us the most about Wordpress websites is the poor compatibility.

With more people browsing the internet on their mobiles than on their desktops it is imperative your website looks its best on all devices otherwise you will be polishing off that ball and chain again. If you’re looking for cheap and cheerful then Wordpress is for you.

But if you’re looking for a tool to drive your business forwards - and who isn’t looking for one of those? - then Digital Reflow’s design and development skills is the next step you should take in securing the future for your business. View our portfolio here.