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Looking to increase brand awareness, drive sales and build a relationship with your customers? Email marketing is the solution.

Regular email marketing campaigns ensure that your business is always in the back of your customers mind. We design email marketing campaigns with fresh, engaging content specifically aimed at your online audience.

Digital Reflow are experts at creating and sharing a brand’s story online, combining our design and marketing experience we’ll help you drive traffic to your website and encourage sales in an organic way, never resorting to traditionally pushy sales techniques.

Email marketing is decidedly the most successful form of digital marketing, being 40 times more effective for acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

Our Experience

Love Pleasure are a newly launched ecommerce site. As part of their digital marketing campaign, we implemented regular email marketing campaigns to drive traffic to the website and directly increase sales.

As a result our client saw a significant increase of traffic to their homepage and, more importantly, to specifically targeted products.