Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Nov 14, 2016

Whether you're managing your own social media channels, or you have a fabulous social media manager - like us! - running your channels for you, there are 3 Things You ACTUALLY Need to Know about Social Media. 

We all know by now how great social media is, and how we shouldn't limit ourselves to using one platform, and how we should regularly update our channels - but these are 3 questions that we're often still asked, as an agency offering social media services.

Can we post about this right now please? As a social media manager, what we choose to post about, when we choose to post it, how many posts we decide to share a day, what we retweet or share - all of this is down to finetuning a method that works best for YOUR brand.

Everything that's posted is posted with some thought behind it, so expecting/asking someone to post something immediately isn't best practice. Feel free to send over relevant links or bring up suggestions, but try not to dictate WHEN you think something should be posted.

Can you make this go viral?

What happens when a post goes viral? You'll receive a sudden burst in interaction - likes, comments, shares - and then this will die down as soon as the next 'viral' piece of content arrives. Is this always actually beneficial for your company? In short - no. Viral content is often viral because it's reactive - it'll relate to a particular timely event/newsworthy story. The problem with this sort of viral interaction is that you won't actually get any benefit from it.

Users will often like & share a viral post - but not usually follow the account it's posted from. So whilst you might have a great burst of interaction, you probably won't gain any/many followers from this type of post, so any future content you post won't reach any of those who interacted. Asking your social media manager to aim for this sort of post definitely isn't the best use of their resources. Instead, why not ask them to focus on driving traffic to your website? What's the ROI of social media? Naturally, when you're investing time & energy into something, you want to ensure that it's worthwhile, and in business, we're all about knowing what our return on investment is.

However, it's not always that straightforward with social media. Social media very rarely equals direct sales! The most important part of any social media strategy is to align your social media goals with your overall business goals. If your overall business goal is to increase web traffic, for example, then you can measure the success of your social media by seeing how often your posts send visitors to your website.