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Digital Reflow
Feb 23, 2018

Did you know that Google is trying to make it less likely for users to leave their search engine results page? 

Yep, that’s right!

All of your efforts to get into the top rankings on Google could be hindered!

Isn’t the world of online such a happy place for businesses at the moment!

However as always our friends, we’re here to tell you how to work around it and still get that organic traffic on Google!

Digital Reflow to the rescue!

First, let’s chat about the changes that Google has made!

As we said before, it is Google’s aim to prevent the need for users to leave their search engine results page. In other words, Google wants to be a one-stop place for quick answers to questions. They want users to get the information they need directly from the search engine!

It sounds kind of convenient right!? However looking at it from a business perspective, it’s pretty darn annoying!

Cheers Google!

Basically, all organic content that we are trying hard to push into the top rankings in Google with SEO practices is under jeopardy. Unfortunately, organic content is being pushed further down search engine pages due to lots of features that Google has been slowly introducing.

How is this happening?

Well, first of all, Google is blurring the lines between what appears to be a paid ad and what is organic content. The result of this is that ads are getting a lot more click-throughs by users who haven’t noticed their placement, which in turn has pushed organic content further down the page.

Very clever isn’t it!

On top of this, features such as ad extensions; the google shop; the local map and the knowledge graph are all taking up more space at the top of search engine results; and also making it easier for users to find information without the need to scroll down or click- through links.

Google’s changes are also motivated by their vision of a streamlined user experience across all devices. They want both desktop and mobile devices to provide the same user experience; to make the Google experience, one experience.

Ok so that's enough information for now, so let’s get onto what you really want to hear about.

How to make sure you get organic traffic through Google in 2018

So there are a few things you as businesses can do!

Get To Grips With Your Local SEO.

We’ve all seen it. You search for a particular service such as a local vegetarian restaurant. You search the words ‘vegetarian restaurant in Colchester’ and Google provides you with a little map pin-pointing local veggie restaurants and a shortlist of some top options.

Obviously, as a business, you want to appear on that little list!

How do you do this?

Well, first you need to make sure you have created a Google My Business Page and updated it with all current information about your business.

Next, you should go and create business profiles on all local directories. Through taking these steps, when someone searches for your product or service locally, you will have more of a chance of appearing on the Google map or list of best options underneath!

Be Tactful With Your Content 

This is a second tactic to implement. A customer might directly search for a local service, or they might alternatively search for a way to create the product themselves, or mimic the service they need. You know, some sort of quick fix.

For instance, someone looking for a vegetarian restaurant might come to terms with the fact they should save some money. Then, in this case, they might decide to search ‘Easy vegetarian meals to cook at home’.

You can see where we are going with this! Yes, you will need to make sure you are writing those blog posts and filming those tutorials on how to cook easy vegetarian meals at home. This will divert more traffic towards your business and potentially bring you, new customers.

Don’t Neglect The Technical Stuff

Yes, we have to go through the more techy side of things. You are in competition with every other brand in your industry remember. So with that in mind, make sure your basic website needs are met.

Check your speed! Make sure the load time of your website is fast! Slow loading time will affect your ranking and also push your customers away from your website and onto the links of competitors. Nobody wants that!

Is your website mobile friendly? Yes, the mobile is the king of devices and we are all guilty of being glued to our phones. Make sure that your website is compatible with mobiles if you want to rank above competitors.

Make it simple! Your website needs to be easy to navigate around; poor navigation is only going to push you down the importance list on google. Give your website a test drive and improve on any areas which may be displeasing to customers!

Carry out these simple steps and SEO in 2018 should be a doddle!3 Ways To Get Organic Traffic From Google In 2018

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