Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Jul 16, 2016

Blogging might have begun as little more than a tool for the untrained writer to spout opinions and inform the digital world of their unexciting lives, the practice has rapidly grown and evolved into one of the most useful and successful ways of marketing a business. We know blogs are time-consuming and resource-draining but here are some reasons you might want to reconsider your lack of strategy. 

Benefit #1: A Blog Drives Traffic 

A website with no traffic is like that proverbial tree that falls in the forest; if no one’s around to see it or hear it, does your site actually exist? A regularly updated blog will automatically draw people to you. Perhaps not instantly but over time more and more readers will show up like clockwork to see your new updates. An interesting and insightful blog will lead to lead conversions and greater brand trust. 

Benefit #2: It Makes You Into An Authority on Your Subject 

When writing a blog you must ask yourself; do people care what I’m saying? The only way for your business to succeed is by building trust with your customers and demonstrating to them that you know what you’re doing. A professional-looking blog with clear, concise messaging to prove to your readers you are an expert in the field, whatever that particular field happens to be. 

Benefit #3: Dialogue Deepens Relationships

In the days when newspapers were king, there was no such thing as a dialogue between readers and authors. These days are long dead. People don’t just want to read an article unchecked, they want to talk to those who wrote and created them; hence the meteoric rise of social media. If you have written a blog the common advice would be not to read the comments, unless you are looking for an excuse to jump off a bridge later. It’s actually hugely important you do engage with the comments in order to gain a sense of what is striking a chord with your audience. 

Benefit #4: Blogging Generates Backlinks

For anyone that knows us knows how much we bang on about backlinks. Backlinks are extremely useful things for any business. Any time your site is mentioned on a different site, and a link is given, that makes you appear more popular and ultimately an expert in that field. Search engines see that, and when they do it bumps your website up closer to the number one slot in search results. A long-running blog can do a lot for your SEO and push you to the top of Google. 

Benefit #5: It’s A Long-Term Investment 

This is the benefit that any business owner won’t wish to see. We are sorry to break it to you but once you start on this blog road, you cannot deviate from the path. Building an audience for your blog is a slow process but once created, your blog will permanently exist. That means your posts, especially the popular ones, can keep reaping you new harvests of traffic and customers long after the initial effort of creating them was made. These are, of course, just a few of the benefits blogging has for your business.

If you are convinced but still do not have the resources, Digital Reflow can do it for you.  Contact us today