Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Feb 1, 2018

So you’ve heard the business benefits of having a blog, and now you feel that your company should have one! You’re thinking to yourself how busy you already are running your own business every day, and now you are expected to be a writer also!

How are you going to manage it? What do you even post on a blog? Is it going to be worth your time?

A blog can be a huge asset to every company for so many reasons. Blogs can increase traffic to your website, encourage engagement with your audience and as a result generate more enquiries or even increase sales within your business.

Therefore Digital Reflow is here to give you a little nudge in the right direction to kick-start your business blog! If you are not quite ready to get the experts in and want to go at it alone, we are giving you five ideas to get you started! Even better, these posts are suitable for any type of business! You can thank us later!

Let Your Audience Do The Thinking For You 

Yes, sit back and relax because little did you know that your customers can do all of the thinking for you! Make a list of all of your FAQ’s. Every business has them and these repeat questions can be key topics of discussion for blog posts! 

Pick a key question and spin it round to create an interesting read. This way you might also save yourself some time responding to queries because the answers are easily accessible online and may just generate more enquiries into your business.

If your company is a bakery, for example, a question you might receive a lot is whether you provide a gluten-free option. Use this as a topic as an easy blog post idea! Write about all of the options your bakery supplies and the ingredients you use. This is sure to drum up some interest on your blog and also save you time responding to calls! 

People Love To Be Nosey, Take Advantage!

We are all guilty of wanting to know hidden information. The unknown is just too enticing! Why don’t you satisfy your customer’s questions by taking them into the back end of your business?

Behind the scenes posts are always a favourite, so upload a brief post looking into your work environment and show them where all of the hard work is put in! If you don’t feel this is too interesting in terms of your business, then walking your audience through a particular process is another easy blog post idea.

Some inspiration for a mechanical business, for instance, would be to create a post showing their customers what the workshop looks like. Key areas and features will be really interesting to potential customers. Alternatively, they could create a post around the basics of welding. 

Every Business Has A Story 

Behind every business is some sort of story, and customers appreciate a business that has an interesting tale to tell. Giving a deeper look into who you are can make your business more welcoming. Who are you as a business owner? What made you start the business? How has the business been performing? This is great information to share in a blog post!

Being Up-To-Date On Trends Is Cool

The thing about trends is that they are current, and everyone wants to be up-to-date with their knowledge. As a business owner, you will subsequently be clued up on trends within your industry, but your customers may not!

If a trend grabs your interest, it is likely to grab the interest of your audience also; so share it! Give brief news updates on trends and this will offer a reason for your audience to keep up with your blog. Easy Right?

Promote Your Business

We can forget that the main aim of a business blog is to bring an additional element to your online presence, with the intention of generating more interest and ultimately more revenue. Use your blog as an extra place to show off what your business is all about. The beauty of this is that you can have more fun with it.

If you have a hairdressing business, create a post all about one of the treatments that you offer. Go into detail about how the appointment is run but in a more informal manner. Alternatively, write a post all about a product used at your salon and why you choose to use it. This can give your audience a better feel for the experience they will have at your salon and help you come across more inviting as a business. 

We Are Happy To Help 

Use hashtag #askdigitalreflow and tag us on our social channels if you have any questions and we will get back to you or answer your questions in upcoming blog posts!