Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Feb 22, 2017
There are so many forms of marketing now for your business with advanced, and electronic adverts, but that’s not to say you can’t resort to traditional methods. It’s been proven by many successful businesses that leaflet campaigns do work, this is why lots of businesses of all sizes use them. Naturally, there are sceptics, and often that is because they have tried door drop distribution and it’s failed, but here are our 7 tips to consider when leaflet dropping to try and create a successful campaign.  

1. Don’t Put Too Much Information

It is important to get your message or main mission/aim/product across but what you don’t want to do is drown people in paragraphs, which can often overwhelm the reader and put them off. Keep it simple with a good, well thought out, punchy headline.  

2. Think About Your Design

A good, attractive design is essential to get a good response. Many people often put a leaflet together without giving the layout, design or copy much thought. Don’t make the leaflet too busy, and spell check! It will not look professional if you have spelling mistakes and an in your face leaflet.  

3. Quality!

It’s more obvious than you think to tell between a cheap, poor quality leaflet and a well made, good quality one. A leaflet printed on poor quality paper will detract from the message you’re trying to get across. If the consumer feels that some serious thought and money have gone into producing the leaflet they are more likely to treat it with some respect and take time to read the message.  

4. Make It Clear

When creating a leaflet, you have to remember the person reading it does not know the product, or who you are. Businesses often make the mistake of assuming because they know and love their product everyone else will. Keep it clean, simple and brief. Tell people what the product is, what it can do and what you are offering them.  

5. ‘What’s in It for Me?’

This is a bit of an extension to tip 4. We’ve all heard this saying before, but businesses still fail to explain to their prospective customer what the product can do for them e.g. the benefits. The best place to start with a leaflet is by explaining how your product or what you are offering will solve their problem, and then explain the features.  

6. Don’t Forget Your CTA

‘Call to Action’ is one of the most important parts of the leaflet but can be easily left off. There is no point creating a leaflet offering a product or service and then leaving off what to do next. Make sure all contact numbers and information is clear and visible.  

7. Distribute Them Yourself

Now, this may be time-consuming, and tedious, but if you have spent all the money and time to design a high-quality leaflet, you don’t want to be hiring a ‘cowboy’ company who often hire young people to distribute the leaflets for you. There is no guarantee or system to check where these leaflets have gone. If you are unable to go out yourself, hire someone you can trust to deliver all the leaflets for you, as it will benefit you in the long run. If you are interested in a leaflet campaign and want some advice or help to design, then get in touch at [email protected] or 01206 589967.