Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Apr 25, 2018
Changes are happening on Instagram and it’s for the better! They have listened to our wishes and have introduced shoppable tags to their posts! A marketing strategy’s dream! 
You guys may have already heard the news but we are here to let you know what we think and how this small change on Instagram can make a big change to your sales! 

So what does this mean for your Instagram?

Prior to this update users were not able to include a link in their post only in their bio or on their stories, which of course adds barriers for consumers wanting to purchase products. 
Now Instagram has offered businesses the chance to add a tag onto their photos that shows consumers the price and takes them to a landing page where they can purchase the item making the purchase seamless! 
The ease of this process makes it more likely for consumers to purchase products with a simple click. They don’t even need to navigate away from their Instagram app! 
You can tag 5 products in a single image post and up to 20 for a multiple picture post. Consumers are also able to scroll down a shop feed on your profile - a whole new way to InstaShop! 

Dying to get your hands on this update? Here’s how you can!

So, firstly your account needs to be approved to have the new shopping feature, so make sure you’ve got the latest app downloaded. 

You must also have a business profile, and a product catalog already set up on Facebook. 

You need to be located in one of these specific countries. 

Finally, your business must sell physical goods. If you tick all the boxes then you’re good to go! 

You can visit Instagram to find out how to add tags to your photos.

Time to make money!

 So with this new Instagram tool matched with highly visual photos this WILL increase your sales rather than just building upon your brand awareness. Hootsuite says 75% of Instagram users take action after visiting a post! Yes that’s a whole lot of people!  So we believe it’s essential you get your products in front of this highly active audience. Don’t miss out!
They also say that 70% of Instagram users are more likely to make a mobile purchase proving that the new tool gives users an enjoyable purchase experience. Although this is one small part of an ultimate marketing strategy it’s looking to start making some big changes for your sales! 

Other tips to keep in mind to increase your sales! 

  • Use Instagram stories to add a link to drive traffic to your website.
  • Make sure you’re posting high quality photos.
  • Work with influencers to boost awareness of your products.
  • With the millions of photos that are posted on Instagram, make sure yours are eye-catching and stand out! 
  • Make sure your Bio is up to date and relevant.

With all these industry changes it’s interesting to see what could be next? What’s your guess? Do you need some help with your Marketing Strategy?  Please do get in touch we would love to give a helping hand!
Use hashtag #askdigitalreflow and tag us on our social channels if you have any quick questions and we will get back to you or answer your questions in upcoming blog posts!