Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Mar 28, 2017
Competitions are positive way to gain followers and increase brand reach. A simple competition on social media that requires a like, retweet, share or follow, attracts a lot of people as there is not much effort required in entering the competition. Although running competitions alongside events, or popular hashtags is likely to have better exposure. A hashtag that is very popular throughout most social media platforms is  #FreebieFriday . By using the hashtag and running the competitions on a Friday, people that regularly use that hashtag or know it will see the post, giving the brand more exposure, and effectively grow the brands awareness, and reach. Our clients which we have found this to be very popular with are  Love Pleasure and  After Party Pumps . Love Pleasure is an adult toy retailer, on their Twitter we run a #FreebieFriday competition.

Because lots of people know of this hashtag, and religiously use it, or search it on Friday's, the reach of the Love Pleasure Friday competitions posts go beyond a regular competition post. After Party Pumps a fashion shoe retailer, has social accounts on Facebook and Twitter, which we run a competition on every Friday picking a winner from each platform. Some of our most successful competitions have been on After Party Pumps, as each of the competitions get a high engagement.

Both these posts helped to promote the brand and the product, bringing in more of an audience. If you would like any advice on how to improve your social media engagement contact us on, 01206 589967 or email us [email protected]