Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Mar 20, 2017
In order to become a successful company, or business, Social Media, and Online Marketing is essential. Last month we were approached by a business - After Party Pumps, who had recently launched their online store.

The company wanted to grow their reach through Social Media. To start we created accounts for them on Twitter and Facebook and began by getting the brand name out there, contacting bloggers and influencers. As they are a shoe retailer it was quite easy to find influencers with the relevant content. Introducing your brand through bloggers and influencers is a great way to increase your reach. Whilst it doesn't necessarily mean sales, it builds familiarity of the brand name.

Another thing we focused on was the content we put on Social Media. Once again, being shoes, getting our own images helped as we could take photos of the products ourselves. Being able to see the products and having them across their Social Media helps to encourage customers to buy the product. Alongside original images we posted relative, shareable content to get their name out there. With the new features on Facebook we were also able to direct customers straight to the product in the photo with their 'shopping' feature.

Once the brand began to get noticed more, we decided to start running a competition every Friday - 'Freebie Friday,' this involved encouraging people to retweet, share or like our posts on Social Media, and a winner would be picked from each platform. This was a great way to not only encourage interaction, but build followers, and reach, with our latest competition getting 1000 retweets on Twitter, after only three weeks. Using popular hashtags such as, #FreebieFriday, helped to get the competition recognised.

Since creating the accounts three weeks ago we have gained almost 700 likes on the Facebook page, and 1,500 organic followers on Twitter. We look forward to seeing where we can take their marketing over the next few months. If you're looking for help with your digital marketing get in touch today [email protected]