Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Jul 20, 2017

Our Colchester Marketing and PR experts share their tips on using a clever PR strategy to market your start-up business. 

Our marketing team were approached by newly launched business Instafloat. Their float business was launched in reaction to a huge trend for inflatable pool toys this summer. As a small business starting from scratch and selling solely online, they needed help reaching their target market and getting visitors to their website. 

We initially worked with Instafloat on a PPC campaign as well as social media, including paid Facebook campaigns. Due to floats being hugely in demand this Summer, their PPC campaign was highly successful in a very short period of time – due to the sheer volume of searches for pool floats across the Summer months. 

Working with them on their SEO, ensuring all the website content was SEO-friendly, we were able to increase their organic website traffic by placing them in a higher position on Google. Combined with their PPC Google Ads, this ensured that they were receiving a high amount of traffic to their website on a daily basis. 

Once the groundwork had been done, and all the correct marketing strategies were in place, it was time to get creative! 

We contacted various sources and brands, which we felt were a good fit for Instafloat, to discuss collaborations or features. We secured two high-profile PR collaborations for Instafloat, the first being a sponsorship of Capital FM’s Summertime Ball, which resulted in our client being featured on the Capital FM website – which has an online circulation of 2,500,000 – as well as a live mention on air during peak listening time.

The second piece of press we secured was an on-air feature with ITV’s This Morning, which has viewing figures of over 1 million people. Three Instafloat products were promoted on a feature about Summer garden products, alongside a direct link to the website. The direct impact of this feature on Instafloat’s sales and website views was instant, they saw their website visits rise by over 100% and they completely sold out of three products on their website within an hour of the show airing.

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