Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Jun 18, 2018

Social Media Influencer - it doesn’t sound like a job that could pay your bills, does it? Well, you’re mistaken, it's one of the hottest jobs, due to the rise in social media. We're spending longer on our phones than ever before, and brands are starting to take note.

Nowadays people are becoming famous on social media by posting what they're passionate about and building their following. Whether it's on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. The bigger the following, the bigger the paycheque. A blogger who is just starting out, with around 5-10k followers could earn around £200 per post. Whereas, the social media giants like Kylie Jenner will receive thousands to promote a product on her social channels
YouTube has boomed within the past few years. Zoella is one of  Britain's highest-paid YouTube stars and earns her millions by posting her life to her large following. Brands send her products every month in the hope Zoe will give them a mention in one of her vlogs that goes out to her 12 million subscribers. People buy from people. Influencers are real people, and they're more likely to be authentic and to interact with their target audience. 70% of teen subscribers think YouTuber’s are more relatable than celebrities, making them valuable marketing assets.
Instagram has recently brought in their new shopping feature. It gives people access to pricing and product details both within the Instagram feed/stories and through the Shop button on a business profile. 88% of consumers trust online recommendations as much as personal recommendations.
Fancy taking up a new career earning the big bucks now? Well, it doesn't happen overnight. These influencers have worked extremely hard behind the scenes to build their following. It takes a great deal of time scheduling content that will draw in your target audience and allow them to interact on your platform. A lot of influencers start off with a blog, and then expand with social platforms, to increase their reach further. Within this industry, you have to be original, do something that hasn't been done before, to make sure you stand out above the rest.
Big household names will have a return of £8.81 for every £1 they invest in influencer marketing. Does influencer marketing work?  The answer is yes.  Although even if thousands of people have seen your product, it doesn't guarantee that they will buy it. You have to be very accurate in selecting the right influencer for you to promote your product.
So with all of that said have you ever thought about influencer marketing for your business? Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss this further.