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Digital Reflow
May 24, 2018
From work experience to expert web developer! Three years ago, Bobby Allen came to us for work experience to gain knowledge in website development. He then went away to further his expertise by studying computing and advancing his industry experience and now Bobby's back! He's joined team Digital Reflow as our new web developer and with more passion than ever! 

We thought we would ask Bobby some questions! Let's find out why he loves his job and any tips he's learnt along the way! 

What made you decide to do work experience at Digital Reflow 3 years ago?

I've always been interested in design and development, since the age of 14. When I was given a chance to do work experience with Digital Reflow, it was a great opportunity for an aspiring developer.

What did you learn whilst doing work experience?

I learnt so much during my work experience. Dan helped me by pointing me in the right directions and teaching me many languages, all of which I use in my everyday life.

How did you end up returning to Digital Reflow?

I saw on social media that Digital Reflow was recruiting a junior web developer! Because I really enjoyed my work experience there, I decided I wanted to progress my skills and work with an amazing team. 

What is your favourite thing about being a web developer?

My favourite thing about being a web developer is definitely being able to do my hobby as a job. I love fulfilling the client's needs and creating the best website to fit their brand.

What do you love most about working for Digital Reflow?

What I love about Digital Reflow is the team, everyone is so welcoming and kind. Being a developer has always been a dream of mine and thanks to Digital Reflow that's now a reality!

If you could give one piece of advice for someone trying to get into web development, what would it be?

My advice to any new developers would be to study hard and have plenty of practice. Passion is essential as a web developer - if you don't enjoy development then it's not for you.

Any questions?
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