Rebecca Clarke
Rebecca Clarke
Apr 15, 2020
Introducing our SEO & PPC Executive Rebecca, who joined us back in December. She is our resident SEO & PPC whizz kid who works hard to help our clients to be visible.

1.  How does your morning usually start?
With 5 alarms starting from 06:00 until I get up at 7:45 with Alexa telling me the news.
2. What’s your favourite thing about being a Digital Marketing Executive?
Seeing hard work translate into brilliant results. 
3. What’s on the menu for lunch?
Hummus, cucumber and more hummus usually.
4. What songs are you playing in the office?
Anything from Post Malone and Joji to iPrevail and Slipknot. 
5. What’s your proudest working achievement?
Completing a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising has been one of the biggest challenges to date.
6. Aside from the necessities, what is one thing you could not go a day without?
My bed! 
7. Three words to describe your personality
Laid back, open-minded and independent. 
8. Your favourite place in Colchester and why?
Other than my bed, I love Turtle Bay. Great atmosphere. 
9. What did you want to be when you were little?
I wanted to be Vet. 
10. Who did you look up to growing up?
My dad. He worked his way up into a successful job so he could provide great opportunities for my mother, sister and I. 
11. Favourite app and why?
Deliveroo / Just Eat / Uber Eats because I love to eat food in my PJs. 
12. Office snack of choice?
13. Favourite song for Monday motivation?
Remember The Name by Fort Minor.
14. Memorable moment at work?
To date, probably going out to celebrate Christmas with the team.
15. What’s the best thing about working at Digital Reflow?
The team and the willingness we all have to learn and get better at our craft. 
16. Would you rather always have to say what you are thinking or never be able to talk again?
Say what I’m thinking, I barely have a filter as it is anyway. 
17. Who is most likely to win an Oscar in the office?
Dan - he is a hoot. 
18. Who is the most likely to spend their money on something stupid?
Mark or Jordi - I’ve never seen grown-ups buy as many toys as these two do. 
19. Who is the most likely to talk to animals?
Lois, she loves a good chat. 
20. Who is the most likely to become famous for the wrong reason?