Nov 13, 2020
It’s no secret that Google wants business owners to design their websites with the end-user in mind. However, in 2021 this will no longer be just guidance, but a signal for ranking well in their search results.

What is Google’s page experience update?

Google’s Page Experience signal judges web pages on how users experience and interact with them. This signal will join many more signals under the umbrella of User Experience, which includes SSL certificates, Page Speed, Mobile Responsivity, and Core Web Vitals.

Why should we worry about this now?

It’s very uncommon for Google to give website owners a pre-warning of an algorithm update, and despite Google encouraging website owners to ensure good user experience for a while now, this update means there is added pressure to improve user experience on websites ready for next year.

Google Webmasters state:

‘We believe user engagement will improve as experiences on the web get better -and that by incorporating these new signals into Search, we'll help make the web better for everyone.’ 

By outlining user experience as a ‘roadmap’ with Google’s new tool to help web creators, developers, and SEOs to improve and deliver the very best for user experience.

So, what does this mean for you?

From a technical point of view, with page experience becoming a ranking signal, it means that if your website misses the mark, you will see a significant drop in visibility, thus you will most likely have a drop in traffic, leads and sales as a result.

Additionally, if your website doesn’t meet Google’s Page Experience standards, your SEO efforts will struggle to reach their full potential. Whilst your competitors (who have followed Google’s advice) will likely outperform your website in the search results.

Like any business, Google will always serve its users with the best they can offer by suggesting seamless and easy designed websites over one that’s average or poor. However, we have until 2021 to ensure that our websites are whipped into shape.

If you feel your website’s UX needs improving or your SEO audited, please get in touch with Digital Reflow. We are here to help!