Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Jun 11, 2019
LinkedIn has finally caught up with other social platforms, by introducing the use of hashtags. For others like Instagram and Twitter, it has been the centre of their success. When Twitter introduced hashtags in 2007, it brought a new dynamic to social media.
Previously it was always frowned upon to use ‘informal’ use of communication on a professional platform. LinkedIn has built its reputation upon being the ultimate business platform, where you can take your professional life to a new level by looking for new opportunities to grow your career and keep connected with all the latest business trends.
LinkedIn has introduced hashtags, due to the enormous database it has populated over the years. It has been rolled out to make your time on the site a faster and more efficient experience, where you're able to categorise and filter your searches.
This new element will increase your LinkedIn reach and make sure your profile is a step ahead of the rest. You can interact with people who you're not directly connected to; getting further likes and comments on your status updates. This feature is great for companies moving forward as they will be able to raise brand awareness through hashtags, making their visibility even greater. Now when you visit LinkedIn and type any hashtag into the search bar, you will get a list of relevant people, companies, groups and posts.
You will also be able to see what people are talking about now. These are the top stories from the day, which colleagues, partners, companies, and other members might be talking about. LinkedIn’s news editors select these topics.
How can you start using LinkedIn hashtags effectively?
The most effective way to introduce hashtags to your account is by highlighting the keywords in your status’ and profile copy. Remember not to add too many as it will only confuse and annoy your readers - you want your profile to flow well.
The hashtags are to help you get found on LinkedIn’s search engine when prospects or buyers are looking for someone who does what you do.
We hope that has helped give you an overview of LinkedIn’s latest feature and the benefits that come with using hashtags on a business platform.
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