Lois Ransome
Lois Ransome
Oct 30, 2019
If you’re investing in a marketing agency, then it’s likely you’re paying a retainer or regular project fees. Your agency is probably in touch with you a lot and you are almost certainly having regular meetings with them. If you’re struggling to give your agency the time it needs, you should consider the following points.

Work with people you like

It sounds obvious, but you’re going to have a relatively long-term relationship with your marketing agency. If you don’t like them, it’s never going to work. 

Marketing, by its very nature, often deals with your personal feelings towards your business. Agencies work hard to try and understand your product, your customer base, where you’ve come from and what you’re trying to achieve. That can mean they also have the delicate task of providing constructive criticism to help improve your offering. 

Feelings can run high sometimes and you need to work with a team who can stay calm under pressure, hold your hand and help you make good decisions to take your business forward. Getting the chemistry right is vital!

If you trust and like the people you work with, you’re always going to feel more receptive about what they deliver, even if it’s not quite what you expected. Disagreements are often part of the process and can be hugely productive when creating the right campaign for your business. When you like who you work with, it means those discussions are open and professional, rather than awkward and disagreeable.

Make yourself available

A good agency will seek your approval for everything they do on your behalf. They’ll want to find out more about your business and interact with your team to make sure they understand what you’re about, your tone and how you behave. 

They will want to meet with you regularly to provide an update on progress, discuss what’s working and what isn’t from their perspective, find out your take on things, and so on. 

That interaction between client and agency is essential. If you don’t make yourself available, respond to their emails and their calls, then you’re tying one hand behind their back. You’re also wasting your money.

Regular contact with your agency builds the relationship you started when you appointed them. It allows them to feel confident tweaking their original strategy as they get to know your business even better. It allows you to update them on anything that they can bring into the marketing plan and help you both come to fresh decisions in the light of new information or industry news.

Your agency can’t work and be as effective if you don’t make yourself available. If they need you to proof read something, read it. If they need to meet with you to discuss next steps, be available. It’s no use saying it didn’t work or they didn’t do a good job if you didn’t play your part.

Work with them for a realistic time period

When you appoint an agency, you should be sensible and commit to the strategy you’ve signed up to, and commit to seeing it through. If the agency tells you it’s going to take six months before you start to see any results, trust them. They’re the professionals and this is what they do.

You should expect to see monthly reports on progress and know what has happened month-by-month so that you can monitor progress, but patience is often required to allow the groundwork of a campaign to be done properly before you see the results. Give the agency the time they said they needed to see an outcome, otherwise, you’re not going to judge their performance fairly or with any accuracy.

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