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Digital Reflow
Feb 12, 2018

Some Helpful Tips To Get You Through!

Here at Digital Reflow we know that the news of yet another Algorithm to shake up the world of social media has left businesses feeling, well; a little bit deflated. 

It is true. Facebook has planted a brand new algorithm, and just when we were all starting to relax a little! We don’t want to be the bearers of bad news but this change will directly impact businesses who use Facebook to promote themselves. But…

It Isn’t As Dramatic As We Think!

Pick your shoulders up friends, and listen closely; because you can stop your business being affected by the new algorithm.

Ah, we’ve caught your attention now, haven’t we!

Let's Talk About These Changes Then!

To cut down all of the technical talk and make it a little more digestible; the new Facebook algorithm is fundamentally about having a clear up. A spring clean if you like!

Facebook wants to essentially prioritise conversational posts in users feeds. Any posts that are interactive, such as the posts by friends and families will be prioritised over business posts. We know it sounds daunting, but bear with us!

The idea is for Facebook to become less ‘spammy’ and more chatty.

Out with the buy one get one free promotion, and in with your great aunts post about the litter in the local park. You know, the posts that drum up response and discussions between users.

So Why Carry On With A Business Profile If No One Will See It?

Don’t throw the towel in just yet guys, there are ways in which your business page can have a healthy relationship with the algorithm. You can still be best buddies!

Just think, If conversational posts that create interaction are going to be prioritised; then businesses need to create conversational posts that create interaction!

Here at Digital Reflow we talk about facebook management as part of our training courses and explain the need to tweak your facebook strategy.

In a nutshell, it is no longer good enough to just post links to things that you are trying to promote; posts now need to be more thought out.

What Should You Be Posting?

Key to this is creating valuable content that your audience wants to see. 

If users want to read the content you push, they are likely to interact with it by liking it or commenting. When this happens it tells Facebook that your business belongs up the top of the feed with your great aunt’s litter complaints! All jokes aside, you should;

  • Create valuable, enticing content and get your audience engaged! 
  • Talk with your audience and get the conversations flowing! 
  • Your content should provoke interaction without directly requesting it.

Start A Relationship?

Just as important as producing awesome content is the need to be at one with your audience. Get to know them! Keep an eye on audience activity and analyse what posts are performing the best in terms of engagement.

Talk to your audience within your own posts and make the effort to chat to them on theirs! Businesses are really connecting with their consumers by sourcing conversational topics.

What types of things do your customers chat about? Search for terms that are relevant to your business that customers may use, and get in on the conversation. This interactive behaviour will help you keep up with the algorithm!

Still Unsure?

Still not sure what content to produce for your business or how to get your customers talking? Digital Reflow is here to help!

Book in with one of our training courses, for a coffee and chat about all things social media!

We Are Happy To Help

Use hashtag #askdigitalreflow and tag us on our social channels if you have any quick questions and we will get back to you or answer your questions in upcoming blog posts!