Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Feb 5, 2018

Yes, you heard right, Instagram now allows Businesses To Schedule Their Posts! You can probably hear if you listen carefully; the sound of businesses all over the globe rejoicing at the news!

This move has been a highly anticipated moment for social media managers; and according to Hootsuite’s CEO, ‘16 million customers sent Instagram scheduling as their number one request’. Lots of businesses must have had a very happy day in the office on the 31st January when the update was pushed live! 
So yes it is now possible for businesses that use social media software to schedule in their posts ahead of time. We welcome the feature with open arms here at Digital Reflow as it brings an enormous benefit to businesses and of course, we are going to explain to you what that is.

Why Is This Such Good News?
The best benefit to come out of Instagram scheduling is that it is no longer necessary to take the time out of your day to upload a post manually.  
Prior to the update social media managers were able to use push notifications to upload Instagram posts. They would be able to input the image and the caption and schedule it for a certain date and time. However, when the moment arrived for the post to go live, social managers would receive a notification but have to manually make it go live.
Yes, as you can imagine that this was very annoying!
So this new update is saving businesses a lot of time because they will no longer have their day interrupted by making Instagram uploads. The whole planning process of Instagram posts will now run a lot smoother!

If It Is This Rewarding Why Did It Take So Long?
Other apps such as Twitter and Facebook have had this feature already, so it is a very welcomed addition to now have Instagram scheduling at our disposal. It is said that the delay has been due to Instagram wanting to hold onto the ethos of real-time posting. Scheduling posts ahead of time would evidently threaten that.
The new update doesn’t mean businesses will no longer make real-time posts, however, it is certainly well received to have the option! 
Social media software companies such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Social flow all have this new feature and we highly recommend it to any business big or small. You too can gain from this update! 

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