Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Nov 9, 2017

Why use Instagram Stories? 

You may be wondering why a platform very similar to Snapchat can be so beneficial for your business? That’s because Instagram offers many more functions that businesses can use to promote products or services to drive traffic and sales. As Instagram is a visual content social platform, all you need to start an Instagram story is an image or video of what you want to sell, however, it’s what you do with the content that matters!

Swipe up 

If your Instagram business account is flying and you have 10,000 or more followers then the swipe up option could really work for you. The swipe up function allows you to add a link to your website or product that’s clickable for the viewer, so you can drive your consumers to your website within seconds. Don't forget to use the text option to encourage your customer to swipe up otherwise they won’t know the link exists!

Hashtags and polls

If you already have a branded unique hashtag for your business this function can be really useful to drive your consumers to the rest of your content already posted on Instagram. The hashtag function on Instagram stories will allow the user to click on the hashtag and direct them to the page of content associated with that hashtag. 

Have you also ever wanted to ask your audience a question and achieve quick and easy response? Well, you now can with the poll option on Instagram stories. The poll function allows viewers to interact with the question asked within seconds as well as allowing the account holder to view the results within seconds too.

Get creative 

It’s important that you get creative with your content to make it more appealing. There are many options now on Instagram stories that can be used to make your content pop, including a variety of filters that portray seasons, special times of the year, temperature, current location and time. You can also include the standard photo filter onto your image or video by swiping left.

Instagram live 

If your business is participating in events or wanting to demonstrate a product then Instagram live would be the perfect opportunity to engage with your followers. The great thing about Instagram live is that it will notify each and every one of your followers and will put your story at the forefront of anyone else they follow. The function allows users to interact by allowing consumers to write comments as well as allowing the account holder to reply, making it a good way of engaging with followers and retaining those customer relationships.