Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Nov 16, 2017

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media platform used for a B2B purpose and is the main platform that primarily focuses on the professional side of your business. If you are a start-up or small business looking to expand your network of contacts and show people what your business is about then LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you to showcase. Social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are used to sell products and services from the business to the consumer, however, as a professional platform, LinkedIn has become increasingly popular over the previous years with now just over 500 million users worldwide. If this sounds like a social platform your interested in or would like to learn more about then make sure you continue to read on...

Networking and making connects

It's now easier than ever to make connections with industry professionals. Most business professionals these days will have their own personal LinkedIn profile with their working background and expertise on display. You cannot connect with professionals via your business page, so doing this separately via your personal page is more beneficial, just make sure that you have your job position and company in the tagline on your profile so that people know where you're coming from. If you already know the name of the person you want to connect with then all it takes is a simple search, or you can search for the company's name and connect with their employees. Once connected with professionals it's then possible for you to send messages and keep in touch.

Your business page

Setting up a business page could open many doors for your business, whether that could be word of mouth, driving traffic to your website and achieving more sales. As a digital marketing company offering a service, we find LinkedIn beneficial for selling some of our services to other businesses that may require our area of expertise. It's best to have a think about if the product or service you are trying to sell could work for a B2B platform or whether you're going to just use LinkedIn for networking, word of mouth or any other purposes. Your business page also sets the tone for what your company is about. It has to look professional and everything you post should have a professional tone of voice to go with it, which can be quite different to the way you sell to your consumers via other platforms.

Posting on your business page

You can post anything from a new product or service that you may be offering to an award you were presented with at an event the weekend before, it's all about the way the post is presented that counts! Generally keeping people interested in your business and what your team does is a good starting point, adding a touch of humor never hurt anybody! It is well-known that people tend to look at their LinkedIn account during the working day, so posting in the evening like you would normally do on Instagram is not going to reach as many people as you would hope. When you choose to post is completely up to you, however, we would recommend sticking to posting between 11am-2pm, during the break and lunchtime hours. In addition to this, your posts do not have to be shortened to catch someone's attention like they do on Instagram or Twitter, professionals tend to like reading a blog or a short story on their coffee break, so don't be afraid to fill up your word count!

Make use of your home page

Your homepage displays your connections posts as well as any companies that you follow which will keep you up to date with what their business is up to, so it's always worthwhile engaging with some of this content and keeping your face in the limelight now and again. Remember, the amount of interest you show in others will reflect on the amount of interest they show back to you. You may also discover some business opportunities whilst having a daily scroll through your feed. For example, someone might be looking for a graphic designer to help them out with a new logo for their business, this is where you can jump in and send them a message offering your help and expertise which then generates a sales lead.

Using your homepage is also a good way of checking out your competition so you can see what they're up to. You may even want to use some of their idea's for inspiration or just to generally see how their business is getting on in comparison to yours. Sneaky!

Additional facts to remember

There are new functions being added to LinkedIn on a monthly basis to make the platform even more beneficial for the user. Although LinkedIn is a free platform to use, there is also the opportunity to upgrade to a premium account which can unlock more opportunities to help you excel even higher. You can also join groups and start discussions depending on your interests and the type of industry your in. This is a good way of maintaining relationships with certain professionals and proving to others you know what you're talking about, gaining that trust!