Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Aug 6, 2018

One of the great workplace debates, to listen to music or not?!

It is a lot more common nowadays to have music playing in the office. Multiple studies that prove music can increase productivity and accuracy among employees. Almost 80% of warehouse workers agree they are more productive when background music is playing. Over half of UK businesses say music in the workplace makes them more productive, and one in five believe they would lose business if they didn't play music.
With the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and big radio stations such as Radio 1 and Heart FM. It is becoming easier to access music during work hours. A lot of businesses are using music to set the tone for new visitors within their reception areas, so that first impressions aren't just visual. 

There is still the argument that music will distract you and not allow you to concentrate on the best of your ability, which is true to a certain degree. If you are writing a blog, for example, it is best to listen to music that is familiar to you or songs that don't have any lyrics to them, as they are the least distracting. A lot of businesses that don't allow music in the workplace believe their employees won't be working as hard as they should be if they were listening to music. 
Here at Digital Reflow, we love listening to music in the office. We believe it boosts our creative thoughts, increases motivation and reduces stress and anxiety levels. It's a known fact that music releases dopamine, which is the same chemical that is released when you eat your favourite food. What is there not to like - food and music are great!
Let us know what music your office listens to or if you aren't allowed to have it at all!!