Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Jan 31, 2017
In any office, managing tasks on your own and as a team can be a challenge. In the Digital Reflow office, we use a range of tools to make working together easier and far more efficient. Having the right office tools is essential to ensure your company can run smoothly. 

A lot of the tools we use also allow us to be more organised as a team. Now the tools we use may not work for everyone but we’ve found them to be very helpful. As we work with freelancers and are not always in the office, having tools which allow us to have constant communication or access makes working together so much easier. 


This app is great. Available online and as an app on your phone. It gives your whole team access to boards created by yourselves which can include tasks, checklists or cards with ideas that members of your team have created. 

Trello is especially good if you work with a number of companies, or have lots of products to work on in one go, as you can add specific team members to the cards but you can all still access and edit giving the whole team a view of what’s going on and what needs to be done. 

Once a task is done they can also be moved to a ‘completed’ board. We find this app helpful because as a team we can project manage and, take care of different tasks but often these tasks coincide or have elements which more than one of us need to work on therefore we can all see these and edit them in one place, rather than having to communicate what’s been done via a chat or email. 


Slack similarly to Trello can be accessed online, or via apps across all platforms. This app is more of a communication channel allowing everyone in the team to instant message each other, whether that’s in a group chat or to an individual. 

It works particularly well for us as a digital agency because it has integrations which alert members when a new code is deployed on a site or it can report server errors. 

Because of the flexibility of the integration, it can mean all your tools are in one place. It also works well because often we are not all in the office and because this can be accessed on phones, it means we have constant communication, and it saves us overloading each other with emails and calls. 

Google Drive

Google Drive is great for teams as you can share and all access the same drive. This means there is no need to constantly send files to one another and there is always access. Files can be saved directly from your computer so there is no need to always be online to save the files. 


Working with Social Media means we use Twitter on a daily basis. Managing all our clients on Twitter can be difficult. Hootsuite allows us to have all our clients logged in, in one place, this saves us so much time as it means we aren’t constantly logging out of one Twitter and into another. 

Hootsuite also allows you to schedule tweets. This option isn’t available on Twitter. This means we can schedule tweets for times we know there will be higher traffic. It also allows us to be more organised. 

Managing several companies’ social media can sometimes create quite a workload so being able to schedule tweets or posts in advance can help us to keep on top of everything.