Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Dec 7, 2017

‘Your local Colchester Digital Agency shares advice on using Pinterest to market your business.’

Why Pinterest? 

It's important to pick the correct social platforms to market your business. B2B selling would particularly favour using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, whereas B2C may benefit more from using visual selling platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, depending on what you are selling. If you selling something that's attractive and could appeal to the public eye then Pinterest could be the platform for you! 

What's the difference between Pinterest and Instagram? 

You're probably thinking if Instagram and Pinterest are both visual selling social platforms then what is the difference? Why should we use Pinterest over Instagram when Instagram is generically a bigger platform worldwide? Well, the similarities between both are that businesses can upload images of their products to appeal to their following with the process of then a potential sale. Both Instagram and Pinterest have a huge array of influencers which have thousands of followers, who also help to sell products and brands.

With those being the only similarities, Pinterest does have many other qualities that are different to those of Instagram. Although Pinterest's outreach to the world is currently just over 100 million compared to Instagram's 400 million, there are reasons why brands choose to use Pinterest instead.

Types of Images 

When browsing through Pinterest, you'll notice that all of the images look professional and are photographed well. Instagram users tend to use a slightly more personal approach when uploading images such as selfies or snapshots taken on a smartphone. If you wanted to upload images to Pinterest these tend to be high-quality shots of your products. For example, images you may have on your website or a professional photo shoot that took place to get some model shots of your products.

Your Followers 

If you already have Instagram you'll notice that when you first start up your profile it's all about inviting the people your friends with to follow your page, which begins to build up a very personal following. Due to the thematic system, Pinterest uses for uploads you may end up with followers who you don't know, that instead may just want to follow you for inspiration or simply because they like the look of your brand. 


The great thing about Pinterest is you can add a link underneath every single upload which is easily clickable by the user. You cannot do this on Instagram posts, hence why businesses refer the user to the link in the bio section, which can only contain one link at a time.

Why could Pinterest work better for you than Instagram? 

This, of course, will be different for every business, however, if your aim is to drive more traffic to your website then Pinterest offers many marketing tools that are simply too good to turn down. With the ability to create unlimited pin boards and present your images thematically to the user, as well as the number of links your able to use that can refer your followers back onto your website are perfect opportunities to leading customers to your store. 

If your business is looking to promote high-quality professional images of your products as well as aiming to drive more traffic to your website then Pinterest may well be the perfect platform for you!