Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Feb 8, 2018

Hashtags…. those are the things the youngsters talk about; “hashtag mood, hashtag no filter, hashtag livingmybestlife.” 

Is there really a good use for them when it comes to businesses?

The answer to that is simple, Yes!

Don’t worry hashtags can be a lot more sophisticated in use for businesses, but it is also great to have fun with them!

Here is why you should definitely use hashtags for your business.

The Role Of The Hashtag

Just to clarify, a hashtag is a word or phrase with the # symbol in front of it. You will have seen these used all over social media.

The main purpose of a hashtag is to act as an organisational system; a bit like naming your kitchen jars with labels. Just like sorting your groceries into their correct categories; hashtags act as a label on your content to define what category it belongs to.

Just like looking in the cupboard for the labelled food jar you need, hashtags make it easier for users to find exactly the content they are after. Users searching a particular hashtag within apps are met with all posts that have used that hashtag.

Why Is The Hashtag So Important?

This is obviously perfect for businesses who can directly address their audience and connect with potential or existing customers on all social platforms.

As a rolling effect of these businesses can receive more engagement from their targeted audience, which of course can generate further interest in the business.

So If you want the right people to see your posts, then you should be using hashtags!

If you don’t use hashtags then your posts will only be visible to those that are already following you, and you will be missing out on so many people that might be interested in what you have to offer.

No business wants that, right!?

Hashtag Trends?

Then there are these things we call hashtag trends. These are popular hashtags that create a huge conversation between people online. You’ve probably heard of the hashtags, #throwbackthursday #fridayfeeling etc.

Jumping onto such conversations can generate a lot of interaction with your brand but you should pick the correct trends that are relevant to your business.

You can also create your own hashtags to push your brand message or drive campaigns. There are lots of creative options for using hashtags and when used right, hashtags can be extremely rewarding for business.

So what are you waiting for? #getonboard

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