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Still don't think your business needs a website?

Digital Reflow

By Digital Reflow

On Nov 22, 2016

As a digital agency, one thing we've discovered whilst networking is that many small businesses - particularly in the construction industry - don't feel the need to have a website! 

Their business is ticking over quite nicely, they're getting great recommendations from past clients and word of mouth is making sure their phone keeps ringing. But with more and more of our lives becoming integrated with technology and the internet - can your business really survive in the modern world?

The next generation of your customers are used to receiving all their information online. It is second nature for them to head straight to Google if they're in need of a plumber, a builder, a landscaper... if you're not online, you could be missing out!

Here are 20 things to help you consider whether getting a website would be beneficial for your business:

Infographic from Adworx