Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Apr 26, 2019

Email marketing has consistently delivered a high return for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but what makes it so effective?

It’s affordable

Email marketing is incredibly cost-effective compared to other channels. You don’t need to print anything or pay for advertising – at the very most you may need to pay for email marketing software, but it’s unlikely to break the bank. You can easily add a ‘subscribe’ form to your website, which allows customers to opt-in to receive your updates.

Email drives revenue

59% of individuals surveyed say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions (HubSpot). You can market your latest products and services and include clear call-to-action to get customers to click through to your website and make an enquiry or purchase. 

Tip: To improve results, make sure you direct customers to landing pages that are highly relevant to the email’s subject.

It engages your audience

When sending out your emails you know it’s going to an audience that has already shown interest in your products – especially if you’re segmenting your audience. This can save you time deciphering what your customers want. 

You can easily monitor performance

Email marketing allows you to easily monitor how many opens, clicks and even sales your emails receive – insight you can use to adapt your strategy over time. That way, you can determine the return on investment and A/B test to determine a successful strategy.

You can deliver a variety of content

You can include text, images, videos and links in your email, which provides maximum scope for customer engagement. For instance, if you have a new brochure, you can embed or link to it in your email.

Email is a simple and cost-effective process if used strategically that will provide obvious benefits to your business and help you to grow your audience and sales.

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