Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Oct 15, 2017

In recent news, it has been revealed that up to 96% of an ‘influencers’ following is in fact, fake! 

So how do you avoid these fraudulent influencers? The Social Chain Group has launched a tool to identify fake engagement amongst influencers called Like-Wise. The information released so far states it collects data from the large engagement bot farms, building a database of millions of fake profiles, which replicates engagement behaviour by automatically liking and commenting on posts.

Social Chain said it has trialled the tool with several major brands and found that in one case an influencer who charges over £750 per post had a fake engagement rate of 96%.

The agency reviewed over 10,000 influencers who are regularly called upon by brands and agencies in social media campaigns. They found that more than 25% of influencers have engaged in this type of manipulation or fraud.

"From what I know about the deep dark shadows of what's possible, the follower number means nothing: it isn't relevant or interesting." - Social Chain Group CEO Steve Bartlett

Bartlett went on to say, "There are major brands paying some people thousands of pounds for fake influencers to be flown around the world when they literally have zero influence. Zero. There’s more influence in my dog’s Instagram page than some of these people that are making a full-time living."

We are excited to see how Like-Wise will impact the digital market moving forward.