Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Aug 20, 2018

A logo is the face of a company. It's the first thing a customer will see, and in a split second their impression has already been made. 

Any well-designed logo will tell the customer about a company with colours, shapes, and different fonts. A visually pleasing logo will intrigue customers, leaving them curious about the company behind a bold design. First impressions are crucial when trying to win new business. To know more about the colour psychology read our previous blog, Ever wondered what colours to choose when branding your business? 

The most well-known companies worldwide, all share the instant recognition of their logo. From the infamous golden arches to the Nike tick, all you need to see is the logo, and instantly you know what it represents. If your company has a poor logo and branding, it will struggle to keep up with the competition. A good logo can promote your entire brand. Ensuring you have an eye-catching logo teamed with great branding will help clients remember you in the best possible light.

Regardless of your industry, today’s businesses operate in a far more competitive marketplace than ever before. With digital marketing having such a huge impact and social media capturing every moment, there is little room for error. So the need to perfect your branding is crucial.

In a world where reputation is everything, brand image is one area that can get you a step above the rest. Unlike so many other aspects of marketing, your logo is something that can't be replicated or “done better” by your competitors. It is solely your identity.

Let's take a look at the changes in some of the worlds most iconic brands over the years.






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