Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Jun 7, 2019

Should your small business have a website? In short, yes absolutely. 

Many small businesses are still not using the internet to conduct business, in fact, according to a global survey commissioned by Go Daddy, 59% of ‘very’ small companies did not have a website.

We found this astonishing, not only does a website create a platform to sell goods and services — it provides a strong value for potential customers. 

There are many ways a website will grow your business: 

Builds customer trust

Would you trust a company if they didn't have a website? In today’s society, we are more digital-savvy than ever, and potential customers will expect your company to have a website and if not, they’ll simply look elsewhere. 

Appear in search engines

As much as 81% of shoppers conduct online research before they make a purchase. If you don’t have a website your chance to appear in front of potential clients is zero. Optimising your site will help your ranking on search engine results page for relevant keywords. Meta descriptions, customer user journey, long-tail keywords and titles are some of the things you can start optimising to improve your search engine optimisation (SEO). 

Create social proof your audience

When your potential customer is browsing your website, give them the chance to see reviews and user-generated images from previous clients. The consumer will trust customer testimonials and will feel inclined to want to have your product/service for themselves.  

Showcase your products

Display your products and services exactly how you want to be perceived by potential customers. Include detailed descriptions or video guides, so the consumer knows exactly what they are purchasing when they visit your site, limiting the time for hesitation. 

Show your brand image and personality

The first impression is a lasting impression. Your customer will judge your company based on their first experience on your website. A well-designed site will build your business credibility. It’s a chance to get your message, mission and personality in front of your target audience. 

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