Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Sep 3, 2018
You may think typography has only been around for a few decades. But, the first type of message found in historical records was a series of pictures that told a story, also known as Pictograms. In 1200 BC Phoenicians were discovered in Egypt. Since then the Greeks adopted the Phoenician language and begun to develop the source of our modern alphabet.  The Romans then improved on the alphabet and added short finishing strokes at the end of letters, now known as Serifs. 

One of our most recognised fonts to date is Times New Roman. Which was created back in 1931 by Stanley Morison who was commissioned by 'The Times' newspaper to create a new easy-to-read typeface.

Since then typography has grown to be part of a brands identity. Usually, the font of a website can be the last thought, but ironically it is one of the most important. Even with great illustrations, photography and graphics, if, you choose poor typography it will turn the reader away. It's essential to choose good typography, to ensure your website delivers the right message and attracts potential clients.

Below we have given examples of how the same font can look different depending on the style.

Nowadays typography has moved in such a direction where you can make your handwriting into a font. It is essential to pick the correct font to represent your company within its industry. Below, we have given examples of this.

What font are you using for your website? Does it represent your business the best of its ability? If not, get in touch, and we can talk you through ways in how you could improve your site and bring more traffic to it.