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Digital Reflow
Mar 2, 2018
We are going to tell you what the Vero app offers, why it is being dubbed as the next big thing; and whether we think your business should get on board!

Have you heard about this new App that is set to be the next big thing for social media? Vero.

Vero is like the new kid in school.

Everyone is talking about Vero, everyone is speculating about Vero, everyone is unsure about Vero.

Vero is gaining a lot of interest by the day, and leaving the other popular kids, feeling a little threatened.

Yes, Vero is one to watch; and has been put on a pedestal as being a contender for being even cooler than the popular kids Instagram and Facebook.

However, like all new apps; it's going to be the test of time that reveals whether Vero has what it takes to grip the world of online enough to be a success.

Let the battle commence!

So obviously, Digital Reflow, being the social media geeks we are; wanted to get our own feel for the app and give you the low down on what Vero is all about.

We are going to tell you guys what the Vero app offers, why it is being dubbed as the next big thing; and whether we think your business should get on board!

So What On Earth Is Vero?

Vero is essentially an app to ‘make sharing all of the stuff we love simpler and more focused’, and therefore easier to connect over mutual interests.

Vero claim to be not just a new social network, but a new way to be social online; revolutionary almost!

Now that is a claim and a half!

So we had a look at the Vero App and sussed out its main features. Here is how it works!

Once you have created a profile, Vero allows you to share a post to your feed just like other apps.

However, the type of posts you can share are more diverse than other apps we know!

Choose from an image or video; a link to an URL; music; movie or TV; books and places!

Cool Right!? But How Does It All Work?

So let's say you want to share a film to your feed!

  • You firstly search for the title of the movie which is really easy to do.
  • Next, you can opt to tag the movie as ‘Watching’, ‘Watched’ or ‘Want To Watch;’ 
  • Then you can also tag it as ‘Recommend’ or ‘Don’t Recommend.’  
  • You pick the film cover photo you want to use and also make comments in the post. 
  • Then click share!

What else?

The music, book and place posts work in this same manner.

Then if you wanted to share a link to an URL, you simply google search something through the app to find a webpage, then pick a featured image, make comments and share it!


Why Has Vero Created Such Hype?

There has been so much talk about Vero being the next big thing, and it’s not all down to its cool sharing features.

When you create an account and get into the app, you can click on the search icon. This brings up some interesting content to look through; from videos to popular hashtags on Vero, products to shop and featured users. 

We found a creative promo video for the app on this page which sold the story of Vero’s existence to what sounded like a very utopian sounding track. We must admit was pretty enticing and got us excited for the app!

The name Vero means truth in Latin and this is the ethos of the brand. Giving the control back to the user and in that bringing back honesty.

They have announced that there will be no adverts on the app, which means no algorithms, and no intense data collection from anyone ever!

Yep, it's what they say! These are pretty bold statements.

...But it shows how Vero is taking all of the grievances that users have with Instagram and Facebook, and eliminating them for Vero to make it more appealing as an App.

Smart move!

This is why everyone is shouting about Vero as by the looks of it, the app is offering everything users have been begging Instagram for in recent times!

Bad Press About Vero!?

So as with every new app, there has been a lot of uncertainty about it. Vero experienced a great deal of technical issues as a result of so many people downloading the app. Users were struggling to either sign up, navigate or post anything on the app and this has obviously left people feeling disappointed in the experience.

Is it too good to be true?

Another controversy for Vero is some dissatisfaction around their terms of service and their right to use content without paying royalties. However Vero have responded saying this is a necessity as with all apps, so that content can be shared and embedded on the app.

One last area for concern with users is that Vero will be charging for subscriptions eventually. Everyone loves a freebie, so paying for an app is ruffling a few feathers.

However Vero are offering the first million accounts a free subscription to Vero for life!

You better be quick! 

Should Your Business Get On Board With Vero?

This is the question that all businesses are going to be considering.

So what do we think here at Digital Reflow?

Well, the more exposure to your business the better!

Get involved, sign up and get sharing!

If this app is going to blow up in the world of online, then involved in the app from word go is only going to give you an advantage!

If it doesn’t pick up, then you haven’t lost out.

We think it looks pretty cool so we’re excited to see where it goes!

We can see how Vero has created a new dimension to social media sharing! It’s pretty cool!

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