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Digital Reflow
May 12, 2017
In the past couple of years, HTTPS sites have risen in popularity, and for good reason. Google is constantly changing up its search algorithms and, this time around, the difference between HTTP and HTTPs websites is a focus – if you're looking to market your business effectively online, listen up.

HTTPS Defined

In simple terms, HTTPS means your website is secured with an SSL certificate. By having an HTTPS website, you're reassuring customers that their activity and data entered on your website are encrypted and, consequently, not at risk of being stolen – especially important for e-commerce websites.

The Benefits of HTTPS

A recent study found that 84% of users would leave a purchase incomplete if website security isn't guaranteed, which means by not having an SSL certificate installed on your website you could be losing thousands of pounds in sales. Worse still, Google doesn't let you off lightly if your website isn't secure – every time a customer is browsing your site, they'll be warned that the connection is not secure and, in most cases, will click away from your site to find a retailer that does have a secure website. After all, consumers are savvier than ever and won't risk their details for anyone – your product could be incredible but you're not going to make a sale if your website isn’t secure.

How HTTPS Benefits SEO

To date, having an HTTPS website instead of an HTTP site has only been proven to offer slight benefits to search ranking. For instance, 40% of websites on page one of Google are HTTPS sites. However, this latest addition to Google's algorithm was only introduced in 2014 and, as with most of Google's latest updates, is yet to rise to prominence – but once it does, you'll be well behind the curve if you haven't already got an HTTPS website. Also, in 2015, Google confirmed that if two websites are of similar ranking but one is secure while the other is not, the secure website is more likely to be the frontrunner.

How HTTPS Benefits Web Traffic and Sales

It has been proven there is a link between high amounts of traffic and HTTPS sites. The first step to getting a new customer to buy from you is getting them to your website and you can do that effectively by having that important green tick show up in search results. Better still, once a customer is on your website, they are more likely to make a purchase if your website is secure – as we said, 84% of customers would abandon a cart if the website isn’t secure. Without a doubt, HTTPS pays.

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