Lois Ransome
Lois Ransome
Oct 15, 2019
If you’re considering Digital Reflow for your website or software development, then you’ve probably heard us talk about our hosting provider Heroku. But what is Heroku? What do we use it for? And why?

What is Heroku?

Heroku is a cloud based hosting platform that we use to build, launch and run online applications such as websites, content management systems and other online software.

What is the cloud? 

The cloud refers to several servers around the world that are connected via the internet. The benefit of using cloud based hardware is that unlike a single physical server, if one of the servers goes down for some reason, another will spring into action so your website remains online.

Why Heroku?

As a fully managed and maintained platform that provides all the hardware and infrastructure we need, our development team are free to create websites that are innovative, user friendly, functional and deliver a return on investment.

Heroku also saves us a lot of time. If we’re not implementing the boring stuff like system administration, we can build a website and get it live super fast.

Is Heroku secure?

In a nutshell, yes - it’s just one of the reasons we have chosen Heroku to build and manage our websites.

Below are just a few of the strategies Heroku employ to keep their platform secure:

  • Vulnerability reporting - Heroku operate a bug bounty program that rewards those who report bugs on their system.
  • Security assessments - Heroku’s infrastructure is hosted and managed within Amazon’s accredited data centers.
  • Network security - Various firewalls are in place to protect your website from malicious attacks.
  • Environmental safeguards - Heroku’s hardware is housed in climate controlled buildings with back-up power and stringent fire systems.
  • Penetration testing - Third party security testing is carried out regularly by independent consultants to ensure the platform cannot be hacked.

What about backups?

In the very unlikely event that your website does experience an outage, Heroku performs automatic backups every night so that we can get your online application back up and running in a jiffy.

One of Heroku’s core promises to its customers is to do everything they can to ensure 100% uptime and they’re pretty good at it. At the time of writing this blog, Heroku has experienced 99.999968% uptime over the last 60 days. Check out the latest Heroku status updates

If you’re looking to develop a website or piece of software for your business, get in touch with Digital Reflow today to discuss your project in more detail.