Digital Reflow
Digital Reflow
Mar 14, 2018
Instagram recently announced that between June and December in 2016, they gained 100 million new monthly active users. That is a huge amount of growth, which just illustrates why Instagram can't be avoided by your business. Numbers are not everything though, and there are other reasons why Instagram shouldn't be ignored.  

Instagram is Fairly Easy to Use

In comparison to other social media platforms, Instagram is probably one of the easier ones to get to grip with, as essentially all you have to do is share a photo. So as long as you have a mobile phone with a camera and Instagram, you're set to go.  

Higher Engagement Rate

Whilst it's all about sharing a picture, you can affect your engagement rate on Instagram just by adding appropriate and popular hashtags to your photo caption. The addition of these hashtags can increase your reach, and for start up businesses it's a great way to get more exposure. This gives small businesses especially, the opportunity to build their followers.  

It's Easy to Communicate and Interact

Communicating on Instagram tends to be a lot easier than other platforms as you don't need to be friends with the other user. Often you can comment or direct message another account/business (as long as their account isn't private). This is good for businesses looking to collaborate or work with other businesses, or consumers.  

Build Your Brands Character

To be successful with Instagram, you do not necessarily have to add long captions when you post a photo, but consistently uploading photos with either a small or big caption, will eventually create a personality for your brand. The better you look on Instagram, and the more you interact, the more followers you will have.  

It Helps Your Brand, or Business Name to Become Familiar

The more you post on Instagram, and the more hashtags, or tags you use, the more likely you are to be noticed or trend. People will then use or notice your Instagram name, especially if they tag you in comments or photos. Now Instagram is not the only social media platform, and your business should aim to use a range of social media platforms which offer different exposure.

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