Digital Reflow
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The brief

When Rugby Box approached us looking for a brand new website which would focus on providing a clear customer journey, we knew we’d need to harness our expertise in UX (User experience) along with a strong design to pull off the project and ensure a great conversion rate for Rugby Box. 

Rugby Box is a subscription based business, they send a Rugby Box to it's subscribers door every 3 months. Each box is packed full of the latest Clothing, Accessories, Nutrition and everything else rugby players need to get through the season. From cold winter nights to summer 7's tournaments, they keep there subs prepared and ready for anything. 

What we did

With plenty to get our teeth stuck into, the Digital Reflow team decided to start with researching the online subscription industry. Then moving onto designing a journey where the end user gained a clear understanding of the product and always having a point to subscribe. 

We designed and developed a website that potential subscribers love to use and actively want to explore. The new website sets a clear and natural journey of information gathering and subtle selling techniques. Phase one of the project is complete and we are continuing to work with Rugby Box on marketing the business and stream line process for the Rugby Box team. 
"From the initial meeting Digital Reflow totally understood my vision for Rugby Box, the team delivered every aspect of the project on time. The support and communication has been great from start to finish, I'm glad I didn't go any where else."
Scott Warner / Founder