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The brief

Step on Safety was founded in 2007, taking the market by storm with a selection of specialist anti slip flooring and GRP products that have proven, technical advantage over traditional materials. For the first time, an industry saturated with dated solutions was given a choice – advanced, versatile composites that work.

Step On Safety were stuck with a website that didn't showcase exactly what the company offered, the website was confusing, hard to navigate and most importantly didn't emphasis what the company did. We sat down and stripped the business right back to what potential clients and existing clients needed to know. 

Who they were, what they did and what they can offer. 

What we did

We designed and built a website that portrayed exactly what Step On Safety offered as a business, the new site was easy to navigate with clear journey. With so many users browsing on mobile and tablet we built the site to work across all devices to help with their journey. 
"Digital Reflow have been exceptional to work with, they have a great knowledge base and have really helped with some great recommendations. They have brought the business up to date and we finally represent ourselves in the correct way online."
Rob Goodheart