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Your logo is the first thing your customers see. And it says a lot about your business. A modern logo with innovative composition tells the customer that you're a forward-thinking, professional company. Whereas a logo taken straight from Clip Art tells a very different story, and will have them running. 

Our team of graphic designers have created logos for many businesses throughout Essex and further afield. From service providers, such as construction companies, cleaning companies and chartered surveyors to online retailers, bars and restaurants and estate agents, we deliver exceptional logo design services.
Your logo is key element in your brand guidelines. It helps to define your colour palette and even the elements your company uses in its promotional materials; whether it's a line, arch or pulse, they're all a play on your logo.

Once we have designed your logo, we can work with you to deliver a full branding kit, including web and print assets.

Ready to stand out amongst your competitors? Get in touch to start the process and freshen up your brand so that you can make the best impression now and for years to come.

How it works

Logo design is a craft. From the font we use to the colours and composition, it's like a puzzle that, when done right, can transform your customer's perception of your business.

We will work with you to better understand your target audience and then conduct extensive research into your competitors to ensure the brand we create for you stands out from the crowd and lands with your target audience.

Initially, we'll provide you with several design ideas for you to select from. We will then develop these ideas to craft a single logo that you can feedback on until you're entirely happy.

Rebrands that matter

At Digital Reflow, our skilled design team keep on top of the latest design trends and rebrands. This knowledge enables us to complete memorable rebrands for our clients. After all, it's keeping your brand fresh and 'with the times' that keeps customers engaged and intrigues prospective customers.