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Engage your customers with video content

In a recent study, 62% of people said they were more interested in a product after seeing it in a Facebook Story. That could mean more clicks, leads and sales for your business. Not to mention, 81% of businesses use video for their marketing, which means it's almost necessary to add it to your strategy to compete.
Customers find video more engaging and memorable than any other content, so there's scope for your brand to make an impact – and we can help. Our video production services include:
  • Social media videos (receive 48% more views than images)
  • Product videos for e-commerce 
  • Business or event showreel
We also offer bespoke video production services.
Video is a fantastic way to build trust with your customers. After all, without video, you're a faceless business – unless you have time to meet every one of your customers. With video, you can humanise your brand, introduce your team and give your customers updates so they know who they're buying from.
Explainer videos, which often last just 1-2 minutes, are some of the most popular videos we create. Brands we work with use the videos to educate their customers about products and services in an easy-to-digest, visual way, and you can too.
Ready to embrace modern marketing and delve into video? Contact us to discuss our video production services further.

How it works

Video production is like a puzzle. First, we set ourselves down, brainstorm and come up with ideas that will make an impact and present them to you. Then, using your feedback, we whittle down the ideas and storyboard the frontrunners so that you can get an idea of the approach we're taking and ensure you're completely happy. 
When you're happy with the ideas we've presented, pre-production begins. This includes finding a location, planning the shoot schedule and, if necessary, writing the script and casting models or actors for your videos.
On the day of the shoot, we'll manage everything. Our in-house producers will work with our videographers and sound experts to create the videos you've signed off.


Capturing the footage is just half the task when it comes to video. We then need to spend time editing the footage and sound and piecing everything together. 
Post-production is completed in two stages: a rough-cut and a final cut. Shortly after we've sorted your footage, we'll give you an initial edit of your videos for you to feedback on; this is the rough cut. We will then use your feedback to complete further edits and perfect the videos so you're entirely happy.
Once your videos are complete, we'll share maximum-resolution versions with you which you can then use how you like. At the end of the process, you own 100% of your content.